I love my eggs over-easy (this is egg lingo for runny yolk) but I hate that rubbery texture you get from it once you flip the egg for a minute on the other side. I tried the methods of tilting the pan (no idea why), cooking it in a very hot oil (doesn’t work by the way because I always end up with overcooked yolk), cooking it in a medium oil (still doesn’t get super crispy edges and that runny yolk that I desire) and also using a wok (apparently the shape of the wok helps with the crisping up the egg).

One day, I saw a friend posted on Instagram and I saw the way he separated the yolk from the white. He cooked the white first and gently drop the yolk later. Why didn’t I think of that ? So, I tried and voila, no turning back since then.

If you are just like me (who loves over-easy crispy egg – then this video is for you).

Looking at this video makes me want to make Pad GaPrao and let that runny yolk runs all over the hot rice. Gotta get back to the kitchen.



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