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Sofia Zulkifli

Mom / Certified Early Childhood Educator / Cookbook-junkie

I started out cooking probably when I was 8 years old when my very traditional dad who barked at his eldest daughter (ME!) about being a woman and knowing how to cook. Yes, ‘babah’. You were and still are very traditional in that way but I thank you for that. Luckily, I enjoyed cooking and I went as far as joining Masterchef Asia 2015; made it into their Top 15 finalist. Wooohoo.

So, why The Stolen Recipes you may ask ? I believe that for every recipes that I shared here are from different sources; cookbook, YouTubers, other bloggers, food influencers, etc. It is never mine to begin with but I do tweak it to make it my own (or maybe sometimes not because the recipes are just too good).

What I like to do here is to basically try out recipes that I read (I have heaps of recipes that I would love to try) and share it with my family and friends (old and new) and hopefully, I get to share some that went wrong too. Not all recipes that you see in the net are foolproof for beginners and I would like to share why it went wrong as well.

Hmmmm… I guess, that is all about The Stolen Recipes.

I hope you will continue this journey with me and subscribe to this blog.



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